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Performance Conversations: It’s Not Just Talk!

Performance management is not about a problem to solve,
it’s about a person to understand.

Two-day open enrollment workshop for managers, supervisors and team leaders

A hands-on, practical workshop to learn the mindset, tools and skills
needed to have effective conversations about performance

October 2-3, 9 am -5 pm, Downtown Tempe, Arizona

As pressures continue to rise and resources shrink, the success of any organization depends on the ability of its leaders and managers to get the very best from its people. And yet high-quality, effective conversations about performance between managers and employees are frequently missing in organizations. The emotional discomfort provoked by just thinking about having this kind of conversation is high—often enough to lead to short-circuiting the process, for both the manager and the employee. Or to avoiding it altogether! The result is often dread and demotivation on both sides.This workshop can help you turn those conversations around.

Who should attend

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, and anyone who manages or leads others will learn how to use ongoing performance conversations to achieve greater results from their people. Participants will gain confidence in how to:

  • Listen to understand others
  • Clarify performance expectations
  • Gain commitment
  • Seek and receive feedback
  • Offer effective feedback
  • Show appreciation

In addition, participants will have an opportunity to assess themselves and gain insights into their emotional intelligence and how to expand their repertoire in performance conversation.

The workshop is designed to allow for ample time to practice the tools presented. To support learning transfer to the workplace, a 45 minute one on one follow up coaching session is included.

To ensure individual feedback and coaching for participants, registration for this workshop is limited to 12 participants, so reserve your place before we’re sold out!

Registration for this two-day workshop is $1,195.

Special offers:

  • Register by September 10 and take 20% off.
  • Register three or more participants from the same organization and take 20% off.

(Non-profit organizations: please contact us at for partial scholarships.)

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Contact us for in-house programs

Ask about in-house Performance Conversation programs for managers, supervisors and team leaders. Double the impact! Combine workshops for managers with our companion one-day program for employees.

Our work in performance conversation builds manager and employee capacity to:

  • Build a shared understanding of organizational strategy, priorities and goals
  • Link team and individual efforts to how they contribute to these goals, building ownership for higher-level priorities
  • Clarify expectations and mutually agree on performance criteria
  • Delegate effectively, maintaining a finger on the pulse without micromanaging
  • Effectively manage the agreements made
  • Engage in two-way dialogue about performance, building mutual feedback and self-correction into the process
  • Address performance issues in an effective, timely manner, with both compassion and clarity, in spite of the emotional discomfort that may arise
  • Contribute to the positive morale and motivation experienced in a work environment of feedback, learning and performance

Whether in the context of a corporate-wide intervention for managers and employees aimed at shifting the organizational culture, or through one-on-one coaching with individual managers, TLIO supports clients in building this powerful set of competencies. TLIO helps managers to transform their capacity to address performance issues, and helps organizations to transform their culture into one of feedback and performance.

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About the facilitator


Robin has more than 20 years of international experience as a leadership and organizational development consultant with clients ranging from BG Group, Goodyear, Logitech and Hewlett Packard to UNICEF, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Working with all levels of the organization, from employees and first line supervisors to seasoned senior managers, Robin designs and facilitates leadership development through learning programs as well as executive coaching and team development, and initiatives to shift organizational culture. Taking a highly pragmatic approach, she focuses on strategic and concrete issues facing clients. Grounded in various forms of action research, Robin supports clients in cycles of action and reflection using both ‘hard’ management tools and ‘soft’ intra- and inter-personal models and tools.

Robin holds a PhD in Learning and Change in Human Systems, an interdisciplinary degree combining transformative learning, adult development, systems and complexity theory, organizational psychology and action research. Robin also holds an MEd in Curriculum Studies and a BA in Linguistics.